Castle Gallery at The College of New RochelleCastle Gallery at The College of New Rochelle

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    Reception held for ‘Intersecting Editions’

    An opening reception for “Intersecting Editions” — a dialogue between print and ceramic media — was held Thursday, September 18 at the Castle Gallery. Curators Sarah Rowe and Rachel Sydlowski combine ceramics and printmaking to produce cast sculpture, screen printing, … Read More »
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    Reception held for Harriette Chelnik retrospective

    Family, friends, colleagues, and members of the College community gathered at the Mooney Center Gallery on Sunday, September 14, to pay tribute to Harriette Chelnik and her body of work. “She was indeed a true artist, with a combination of … Read More »
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    Russia Through the Looking Glass

    Terror, Humanity, and Geo-Politics Through History With Russia again erupting onto the world stage via often-puzzling actions, a new art exhibit, Russia Through the Looking Glass, immerses us in a world whose logic at first appears to be the … Read More »
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    A Retrospective: Harriette Chelnik

    The College of New Rochelle pays tribute to Harriette Chelnik, an artist who created many artworks throughout her lifetime. Harriette’s sculptures and paintings show great sensuality and technical skill. Her transition from stone to wood to oil painting shows a … Read More »