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Spiral Bound / New York

Artists have always used some system of recording their developing images, plans and speculations as part of their ongoing studio practice. These nascent expressions of the analytic and intuitive aspects of the creative mind fascinate us both for what they imply and what they express clearly: the free play of invention unfettered by practical constraints.

Spiral Bound is a collection of notebooks of many sorts. Drawn from artists working in New York, the collection varies from “notebooks” that employ video as a notational device, to yellow legal pads, leatherbound journals, and sheets of loose leaves aspiring to be a modern codex.

These works-always-in-progress are compelling insights into the many different ways artists work and perhaps, the different ways distinct communities of artists think about art making in their precise regions and cities.

  • Judith Bernstein
  • Matt Blackwell
  • Nancy Bowen
  • Tom Burckhardt
  • Mary Carlson
  • Yi Chen
  • Dawn Clements
  • Susan Fang
  • Matt Freedman
  • Susanna Heller
  • Craig Kane
  • Eve Laramee
  • Yasue Maetake
  • Scott Malbaurn
  • Howard McCalebb
  • Joe McKay
  • John Monti
  • John O’Conner
  • Halsey Rodman

The exhibit is organized by the artist collective Romanov Grave and runs at the Mooney Center Gallery from October 27 to November 17, 2013.

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