Castle Gallery at The College of New RochelleCastle Gallery at The College of New Rochelle

Westchester Biennial 2014

Castle Gallery’s Westchester Biennial 2014 celebrates its ninth juried art exhibition. The exhibit, which showcases recent work by emerging and established Westchester County artists, began in 1998 in an attempt to recognize the diversity and innovation of artist who call Westchester their home. It opens April 22 and runs through June 20.

This show is unique for being the only one of its kind, open exclusively to Westchester County artists. The work submitted must have been created within the last two years (2012-2013). Featured artworks were selected by notable jurors from outside of the county to encourage fairness in judging. The Westchester Biennial 2014 jurors are Lisa Cooper, Shari Mendelson, and Nick De Pirro.

“I can’t tell you how important it is for artists to put time and effort into putting their work out there and getting it seen,” Cooper said. “It’s a great opportunity for artists to show their work where it can be seen by gallery owners, curators and artists in the community, and for a gallery owner, it’s a great way to identify wonderful unique new voices.”

Overall, the jurors characterized the body of work as an eclectic mix of mediums from emerging to more established artists. Cooper noted “a move towards digital prints, high gloss and resin.” The presence of large paintings and references in the artists statements to “spirituality or a higher power,” resonated with Mendelson, a sculptor who has exhibited at Castle Gallery herself.

“It reflects the passion and commitment of the artists and is truly moving to see how art seems to be such an integral and meaningful part of peoples’ lives,” Mendelson said.

This year’s biennial features 29 artists:

  • Natalya Aikens
  • Deborah Beck
  • Anne Bobroff-Hajal
  • Fletcher Crossman
  • Carole Curtis
  • Galina Dargery
  • Katharine Dufault
  • Ellen Evjen
  • Glenn Fischer
  • Michele Gage
  • Rima Grad
  • Nils Hill
  • Fernando Joffroy
  • Dara Kane
  • Arnold Kastenbaum
  • Kang Joo Lee
  • David Licata
  • Annette Lieblein
  • Christopher Manning
  • Jackie Meier
  • Moira McCaul
  • Lael Morgan
  • Don O’Brien-Russell
  • Kiyoshi Otsuka
  • Jill Parry
  • Marion Schneider
  • Patricia Spergel
  • Rachel Sydlowski
  • Daniel Willner

Organizer: Dianne Hebbert
Reception: Sunday, May 4, from 2 to 4 p.m.
Programing: Reception to coincide with The College of New Rochelle’s annual Strawberry Festival. Kids can make Strawberry Boxes at the Castle Gallery table. The event is free.

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