Castle Gallery at The College of New RochelleCastle Gallery at The College of New Rochelle

Winter 2014 Selections from the Kate Canty Creche Collection

Selections from the Kate Canty Creche Collection will be on display in the Castle Gallery from December 2, 2014, to January 6, 2015.

The nativity items in The College of New Rochelle’s Kate Canty Crech Collection have been donated from one of the largest, and reputedly finest, private collections in the country. They reflect the work of artists and craftspeople worldwide. Few are in the classical style but they all show the central story of Mary, Joseph, and the Christ Child.

Different traditions exist in different cultures as to whom and what are included, how the figures are dressed, what animals are present and what gifts the Magi bring. The diversity of media — wood and clay, straw and metal, glass and precious gems, seashells and seed pods, beads, feathers, flowers, paint, canvas, fabric, mosaic, and recycled materials — remind us of the innate value of all of God’s creatures, just as the creche remind us of God’s love for His creations. With infinite love, mercy and forgiveness, the son of the Virgin Mother became man for us.

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