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BreakThru Radio Reviews ‘Not Really’

Ashley Rodriguez took a look at Not Really: Fictive Narratives in Contemporary Art for BreakThru Radio.

Rodriguez writes:

The exhibit showcases the illusions projected onto society through digital images and how such illusions can be difficult to separate from reality. Not Really was inspired by the small, fictitious aspects of modern contemporary experiences and the ways people take those illusions and turn them into a main focus of daily life.

In a time when contemporary culture is overflowing with media, it can be difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction. Images that are photoshopped appear to be real, while many viewers consider reality TV and real life one in the same. Fifteen artists contributed pieces to the exhibit including paintings, sculptures, installations, and two video productions.

The displayed videos touch on issues of narcissism and consumerism in modern media culture, particularly for females. One is a parody of a late-night talk show which mocks the nature of seemingly empty interviews with actresses and models. ”

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