Castle Gallery at The College of New RochelleCastle Gallery at The College of New Rochelle


Castle Gallery’s fall 2010 exhibition, Nature/Culture, features several artists who address the dichotomy of nature and culture through a variety of media, toying with how these two concepts are often considered polar yet overlap; as nature informs culture, culture impacts nature.

Issues directly related to cultural habits, (un)natural disasters, and the merging/clashing of environments (both natural and manufactured) are evident in many of the works.

Featured artists include Jae Hi Ahn, Mia Brownell, Geoffrey Detrani, Charles Gick, Lenka Konopasek, Beili Liu, Julie Anne Mann, Roberta Melzl, Leigh Taylor Mickelson, Mari Ogihara, Troy Richards, Christopher Rose, Marcia Wolfson Ray, and Jason Salavon.

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