Castle Gallery at The College of New RochelleCastle Gallery at The College of New Rochelle

Unveiled Realms

January 27- February 17, 2013: Unveiled Realms is a two-person exhibition examining what is commonly overlooked within our own world, as well as traveling into the psychic realm of the mind. The artworks of Monica Alvarez and Cera Alber explore the idea of paying more attention to everyday objects, such as a common doorknob, and opening the doors of the mind. Unveiled Realms examines ones perceptions regarding thought, the visual field, and aspects of looking that would normally go unseen by the untrained eye.

Monica Alvarez’s paintings unveil the essence of banal objects, bringing them to life on five-by-five inch squares. Her artwork explores the little things that we pass over each and every day and the beauty these simple objects hold. Each painting unveils a different world for humdrum items that in turn bring new meaning.

Cera Alber’s installation transforms the second floor South Bridge Gallery and literally drops you into an unveiled world of mysticism and wonder. Through the use of branches that become pathways, viewers take a journey into the realm of the unknown; each taking a key to open their own psychic door to new unexplored places.

Cera Alber & Monica Alvarez: Senior Exhibition

 Mooney Center Bridge Gallery, 2nd Floor

 January 27- February 17, 2013


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