Castle Gallery at The College of New RochelleCastle Gallery at The College of New Rochelle


Consumption, prints and paintings by Jessika Hamilton, is on view at the Mooney Center Gallery from January 25 through February 19.

From the artist:

Pick up a New Yorker magazine and the first thing you are likely to do is flip through the pages to scan the cartoons. Something about the wit, the absurdity and of course the style draws the eye. Often political cartoons can bridge partisan divide with laughter. This is the root of my Consumption series: to confront the uncomfortable subject of resource scarcity and the impact of personal consumerism with a wry smile. There is a lot of information and controversy around agro-business, factory farming and diet; the Consumption series isn’t about that, it isn’t meant to be didactic. This series strives to inspire a chuckled “ah-ha” moment. The particulars of the epiphany and/or the joke that is revealed is entirely up to the viewer.

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