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Sequence of Bases – Raquel Echanique

Sequence of Bases, featuring “disordered portrait scenarios” by Raquel Echanique, runs at the Mooney Center Gallery from September 28 to October 21.

From the artist’s statement:

I assemble disordered portrait scenarios that disturb almost as much as they comfort us. My subjects don’t believe in gravity; they are lifted by strings that are often extensions of their own structure. Every part of their built faces seems to be knitted by a centrifugal force that enters the scene like a chaotic Prometheus.

My distinctive visual style is characterized by circular motioned brushwork that bursts polychromatic energy. My portraits are stirred up by swirls that pull, twine, divide and modify anatomy in different directions, resulting in a sight of hypnotic relaxation.

Muscles get knitted from underneath and over the skin to show fully constructed areas: eyes, nose and mouth.

I’m intrigued by the notion of narcissism, as I’ve explored in Ariel Looking into Mirrored Walls, we find a contemporary Narcissus who gets dazed by his own world of extravaganza. Paintings like Genevieve, Trademark with Target, and Red, show an out of the headlines appreciation for the spotlight they have decided to live with. Other works explore more aggressive and demanding gestures as titles like Kepler.

What is both challenging and refreshing are the ways in which I have prepared this cocktail of abstraction, representation and realism to approach to the psychological and aesthetic characteristic of the beings, while preserving shapes that can be found in their internal system.

I have mastered the art of blending spray and oil paint on canvas as my main medium. More than ever, I enjoy giving every stroke a very different direction with precision, to register them separately so that the viewer can unveil the clear canvas where the action emerges from.

Born in 1986 in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Raquel Echanique has displayed her work in numerous collective and solo exhibitions worldwide. The New York-based artist’s special projects include the full illustration of the book “Descartes” launched by Ediciones de la Interperie in Buenos Aires, as well as a solo exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Pedro Martinez in Argentina. Upcoming 2013 shows include Interbifep, The International Biennial of portrait in Bosnia and the show More is More at the Contemporary Art Museum CAC, in Ecuador. Raquel currently lives and works in New York.

There will be an opening reception from 12 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, September 29, which will be part of the New Rochelle Arts Fest, organized by the New Rochelle Council on the Arts. The event will also serve as the opening reception for the Castle Gallery show Debris Field

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