Castle Gallery at The College of New RochelleCastle Gallery at The College of New Rochelle

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Intersecting Editions

The Castle Gallery at The College of New Rochelle will host Intersecting Editions — a dialogue between print and ceramic media. The exhibit runs from Tuesday, September 2, through Sunday, November 2, 2014. The opening reception takes place on Thursday, … Read More »

Past Exhibits


Westchester Biennial 2014

Castle Gallery‚Äôs Westchester Biennial 2014 celebrates its ninth juried art exhibition. The exhibit, which showcases recent work by emerging and established Westchester County artists, began in 1998 in an attempt to recognize the diversity and innovation of artist who call … Read More »



The Castle Gallery presents Memento, an art exhibit that draws from the Christian tradition of the memento mori, an artistic or symbolic reminder of the inevitability of death.

On display January 28 through March 30, the exhibit features … Read More »


Debris Field

Debris Field, curated by Lisa Dahl, runs from September 3 to November 3, 2013, at the Castle Gallery.

From the curator:

Our modern lives create a wake of refuse from our daily consumption habits: plastic containers, cardboard boxes, and a

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Crop Down by Kamal Al Mansour

Historical Commentaries

Historical Commentaries, which runs April 23 through June 23, 2013, presents the work of artists who address notions of history on both individual and societal levels.

Informed by personal memories, cultural histories, fantastical myths, misleading advertising or propaganda, forgotten accomplishments … Read More »

Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita presents the work of artists who are interested in connection between physical and psychological spaces, many through spacescapes, cityscapes, landscapes, and bodyscapes. Form and scale are cleverly manipulated to suggest connections between macro and micro, the individual and … Read More »

Kate Canty Creche Collection

Selections from the Kate Canty Creche Collection

The Kate Canty Creche Collection will be on display at the Castle Gallery from December 2, 2012, through January 6, 2013, featuring unique nativity scenes compiled by Eileen Canty SAS’55 and her husband, Jim, from their world travels over the … Read More »

Indeed by Ann Lovett

In Retrospect

In Retrospect presents the work of three artists who explore contemporary culture through the lens of the past.

Their shared source of inspiration is the book, a form that, while intimate and familiar, also carries with it the weight of … Read More »

Westchester Biennial 2012

Westchester Biennial 2012

Created in 1998, this exhibit showcases recent work by emerging and established Westchester County artists in an attempt to recognize the diversity and innovation of artists living and working within the surrounding community. This exhibition is unique and is the … Read More »

American Dream by Micah Bozeman

(un)COMFORT(able) ZONE

Where is your safe haven? How do you define your personal space? The work of 16 artists exploring the concepts of safe havens, personal space, and comfort zones was be the focus of the exhibit (un)COMFORT(able) ZONE: Reflections on Home, Read More »