Castle Gallery at The College of New RochelleCastle Gallery at The College of New Rochelle

Permanent Collection

The Ansel Adams Museum Set


The 75 signed Ansel Adams photographs in The College of New Rochelle’s permanent collection comprise the rare Museum Set. The set, believed to be one of only 10 complete sets in existence, includes the legendary photographer’s most important and favorite images.

Photographs by Gordon Parks


Gordon Parks created some of the most iconic images in American history, using his camera lens to focus on race relations, civil rights, poverty, and urban life, from the early 1940s until his death in 2006.

Kate Canty Creche Collection


The nativity items in The College of New Rochelle’s Kate Canty Creche Collection have been donated from one of the largest and finest private collections in the country, reflecting the work of artists and craftspeople from around the world.